1 November 2010

From top to bottom and back again

The original was in Spanish and was attributed to the late Nestor Kirchner. Reads equally well from the top as a speech by Tony Blair or David Cameron, and from the bottom as what they really mean.

We will keep our word
And only fools can believe that
We will not fight against corruption
Because one thing certain about us is that
For the achievement of our ideals
Honesty and transparency are fundamental
We shall prove that it is stupid to believe
Criminals will take part in government as before.
We affirm without a shadow of doubt that
Social justice shall be our principal aim.
Despite it all, there are still fools who dream
It possible to continue governing in the old style.
Once in power we'll do all we can to make
An end to golden pensions and crooked deals.
Under no circumstances will we allow
The suffering of our children.
We shall carry out our plans even if it means
Economic resources become exhausted.
We shall stay in power until
You understand that from now on
We are the 'new politics'.

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