10 November 2010


Off-hand, I would imagine that after today's display of self-indulgent hooliganism, the reaction by every person in Britain who never had the opportunity to go to university is: Jack up the fees some more. These little shits don't deserve any of my money. Fuck 'em.

Hard to argue with that. "We demand to be paid what we're worth" does beg a rather large question.


  1. The worst of it is that the breakaway group of vandals have distracted the attention from the point the protesters were making.

  2. Which was, and I quote from their printed placards, "Fuck the Cuts", "Tory Scum", etc. They weren't vandals, BTW - they were "Revolutionary Socialists".

  3. How about a little more 'meritocracy' on the student front? How about appropriate rewards
    for work put in? How about some honest A Levels for a change? The alternative is no longer affordable, e.g. three more years of cheap beer and sex at the taxpayers' expense.

    Most of my family worked their way through university, either academically or through what is now called work-study, or just by dropping out and earning enough to drop back in. Their educations meant something to them. So did the fact that parents were not waiting to support them endlessly for their idle years pretending to job-seek.

  4. Thanks to toads like "student leader" Jack Straw, students went from being generally well-regarded to being widely disliked in a matter of a few years in the late 1960s. It was the demos that did it. When you're onto a good thing, it is cretinous to draw attention to how good it is.