7 November 2010

Your Freedom is now defunct

Following his contemptible performance at the UN, Clegg has found a new area in which to show his unfitness for office. The Telegraph reports that he has abandoned his much-trumpeted project to cut through the thickets of perverse laws and burdensome regulations that make Britain such a tiresome place.

At the launch of his "Freedom Bill" initiative, Clegg said his aim was to "free our society of unnecessary laws and regulations – both for individuals and businesses [and to] strip away the excessive regulation that stops businesses from innovating." He said he was "putting citizens in charge" by launching the Your Freedom consultation website, and promised that every suggestion and comment would be read.

Please note that Your Freedom is now defunct.

Some 46,000 people logged on and left their ideas, generating fruitful comments and debate. Clegg cannot cope and has handed the project to the bureaucrats at the Home Office, generally known to be the most incompetent of all the government departments.

This means not only that there will be no business deregulation, but also that the very agency responsible for all the assaults on civil liberties over the past 13 years is now charged with restoring the ones it thinks fit.

That's a twofer - Clegg has reneged on a central plank of the Tory party's manifesto and also on the only plank in the LibDem manifesto that was worthy of respect.

So, the weak eyes and the vapid expression told no lie. Clegg has confessed that he is a useless poser.

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