4 November 2010

Silicon Square

Today Cameron announces a policy that appears to have some serious thought and preparation behind it. HexusChannel comments:
We hesitate to say it, and may well be disappointed in the long term, but the government seems to be doing something concrete to make the UK more competitive in the global tech market. In a speech to a tech and entrepreneur audience today, the PM David Cameron will outline his ambition for the East End of London - from Old Street to the site of the 2012 Olympics - to be transformed into a ‘Tech City' to rival Silicon Valley.
We shall see. £200 million for infrastructure is peanuts, and so is £200 million for seed corn - but it's a start.

I think it will fail because the legal profession will close ranks against the necessary changes to copyright and other laws that are nice little earners for them.

P.S. 5/11. Telegraph reports: Only 120 entrepreneurs from outside the European Union secured immigration visas to launch businesses in the UK last year, the Home Office has revealed. But application volumes for similar US visas suggest that UK-based entrepreneurs remain keen to relocate across the Atlantic.

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