14 November 2010

Another one bites the dust

Never held much of a brief for Devil's Kitchen/Knife, and his last post simply confirms why.
I simply cannot bring myself to comment on the crap that is going on around us; I want to concentrate on making enough money to ensure that myself (sic) and my wife can, at the last, escape all of this shit. When the end of our great liberal civilisation finally comes, we can leave the stinking socialist hellhole that Britain is fast becoming.

Once I would have wished to take everyone with me, but the people of this country have shown that they don't care about freedom, they don't care about liberty - they would rather have their cotton wool prison. So now my considered opinion is, "you wanted this - you can go fuck yourselves."
Those are words to write when you leave, not before. I am also sad that the British people have so little respect for their heritage, but I understand how it happened and find it hard to condemn. Societies, like people, get old and tired. Exasperating as it is to see them slip into dotage, there must remain respect for what they achieved while still vigorous. Few achieved as much and none more than this one.

With grovelling apologies to my sons for the shit-heap my generation landed them in, I hope to continue trying to win back minds polluted by decades of hateful leftist propaganda so that my grandchildren may enjoy a fuller life. I would cheerfully die for them, so blogging is just a small payment on account.


  1. Hear hear, Hugh. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks - you too. Impressed by your five-a-day. Keeps you healthy!