21 November 2010

Bitchy Boys' time warp

Astonishing. BBC 2 managed to package every single fellow-travelling cliché about the United States in the 50s into "American Dream", broadcast in prime time on Saturday.

Cud by lefty zimmer framers, complete with a 90 year-old ex-communist folky Pete Seeger, and one of the Rosenberg orphans still trying to wriggle around the indisputable proof that his father was a spy for the serial rapist Beria and that his mother cared more for the party than she did for her children.

McCarthy; Nagasaki; tupperware; valium; big bad corporations; inequality; on and on it went. "Consumerism" bad; money doesn't buy happiness; suburbs are "boxes made of ticky-tacky". They probably concluded that the American Dream was a nightmare, but I had given up by then.

Meanwhile the regime for which all those persecuted idealists betrayed or denounced their own country, and which by implication these geriatric Bitchy Boys still believe represented the "progressive" option, was a totalitarian empire run by a genocidal dictator surrounded by perverts.

I not only furiously resent my money being spent on this lying crap, I am disgusted by the thought that I may breathe the same air as the mental degenerates who made it.

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