13 November 2010

Law student thief and vandal

The picture below, by Andy Bloxham, says it all. This is Tanzil Choudhury, a law student at the University of Manchester, with a cricket bat he stole from the Conservative Party offices. Umm - studying law? And is he working class? I rather doubt it, but then I doubt if more than a handful of the rioters can have been from humble backgrounds - the state educational system makes sure of that.

Less coy about his identity is Luke Batman Cooper, an assistant tutor (the lowest form of academic life) in international relations at the University of Sussex, who boasts that certain buildings were targetted.
Cooper is a leading light of a group calling itself "Revolution - Socialist Youth Movement", website here. Here's their sad mission statement - it's all so 60s:

Revolution is an international socialist youth organisation. We are a group of young activists who are fed up with unemployment, war, poverty, cuts and capitalism. We want to bring down Cam and Clegg's millionaire coalition and replace it with socialism. The rich and powerful clique responsible for breaking up our public services, slashing benefits and leaving millions of us on the dole will not give up their wealth and property by being voted out. They are launching a class war to make youth and workers pay the cost of capitalism's crisis. We want to seize their assets and abolish class society with a socialist revolution. This is what we are fighting for.

So after thirteen years of left-wing government, it is the six month old Coalition that is responsible for millions being on the dole? And trying, however timidly, to reduce the debt that has indeed transferred the cost of the wars and other follies of the last decade onto the young, is a reason to hate those who are trying to do it?

Not sure whether they can properly be considered arseholes or wankers. What do you think?


  1. Both...in reference to your closing sentence.

  2. I think "stupid" arseholes and "ignorant" wankers. Forgive the pedantry but I believe we need to be as precise as our language allows.

    That there are still people after the Blair/Brown regime that believe Capitalism can be singled out as the disease and Socialism the cure is truly chilling. Surely this can only mean they haven't spend a single moment thinking about what they're saying and doing???

  3. Leftists don't think. That's why they are not worth talking to.

  4. Very very middle class. His parents own a restaurant in Skipton.