26 November 2010

Eating crow - the Church of England

Oh dear, done it again. Since I despise the bicycle-seat sniffing that makes up the bulk of MSM journalism, I must refrain from jumping on whatever band-wagon of superficiality they are pushing at a given moment, especially if it appeals to my own prejudices.

Commenting on the failure of the current crop of socialist mediocrities at the head of the Church of England, I have failed to balance my gloating with reference to the immense amount of good work it does at the parish - or "Big Society" - level.

Comes Archbishop Cranmer to rebuke the Tory party in terms that I ruefully accept apply to me as well.
What about the Church of England’s social housing programmes? Its inner-city work among the poor and disenfranchised? The fact that it runs thousands of schools? Its advocacy work for prisoners of conscience in repressive regimes? It unparalleled dedication to charity concerns? Its voluntary work with the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable groups? The Church does not only talk endlessly about these things; it does them. But the media aren’t very interested, you see: they wish to focus on the drama of division, contention and conflict.

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