22 November 2010

Win-ter is i-cu-men in

Sv-mer is i-cu-men in, Lhu-de sing cuc-cu, says the 13th century song.

Winter is icumen in, Loudly sing Goddamm, wrote Ezra Pound.

Winter has arrived again, sternly warns the Met. 
Global warming is for shit, loudly sing Goddamn, combines the two for today.

"Global frigging warming" blogs Richard North in response to the prediction that snow will shortly fall on much of the British isles. The original doesn't quite scan, but the prose that follows could be sung:
All we need now is to switch 
Off the heating of 
All MPs who still believe 
In global warming 
And we might start seeing some sense
Strange though that might seem.  

Better still strip them naked, 
Coupled in a chain 
And parade them round and round
Ancient Parliament Square
Chanting "global warming's nigh"
'Til they drop from cold.

1 comment:

  1. "Skiddeth bus and sloppeth us
    And loud the wind doth ram,
    Sing Goddam."