8 November 2010

The Heath interlude

"Let's skip the Heath interlude" - I urged on 28 February last.  

Those of us who recall how things actually went down in the 60s and 70s have seen the whole sordid sequence repeat itself in the 90s and 00s. The cycle ran - and is running - as follows:
  1. Basic odiousness of the Tory capons becomes ever more apparent;
  2. Meddlesome low-mids come to power amid hosannas from the self-annointed;
  3. Meddlesome low-mids fuck it up royally;
  4. Tory capons win a narrow majority under a pompous prat;
  5. Tory capons impersonate cocks amid general derision;
  6. Meddlesome low-mids come back and fuck up what they did not fuck up previously;
  7. Stagflation; runs on the pound; call in the IMF;
  8. Attempts to cut back the bloated public sector fail;
  9. Capons choose a dominant hen to lead them to victory;
  10. Wrenching period of adjustment;
  11. Economy recovers and becomes among the most competitive in the world;
  12. General prosperity;
  13. Capons depose the hen and elect one of their own;
  14. Return to 'basic odiousness' and repeat.
I am tolerably sure that future historians - if anybody can still be bothered to study one of the less interesting states on the periphery of the European Union - will conclude that it would have been better for the British to have re-elected the Brown regime and to suffer the consequences.

P.S. With reference to Cameron's latest puffing of what passes for his BIG IDEA, namely "shining a bright light of transparency on everything government does", with the exception of everything that matters, Autonomous Mind speaks for me: Cameron is taking us for fools and treating us with undisguised contempt. We should treat him the same way.

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