16 November 2010

Autonomous Mind - Quote for today

With reference to the news that Britain is to pay compensation to Guantánamo Bay detainees who somehow got British nationality before returning to their shit-hole of spiritual origin with intent to kill British soldiers.

"Where else in the world", Autonomous Mind asks, "can you claim to have only gone to an opiate and terrorist haven only in order to get off drugs and still be believed without question by your hosts’ public service broadcaster and compensation chasing legal whores?"
Move over America, it’s time to celebrate the British Dream! Britain is the new land of opportunity. Britain is where anything can happen and pretty much does. Britain is the land where you can pull yourself up by your sand covered bootstraps and secure wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Britain is where you are not held to account for your criminal behaviour and desire to partake in atrocities against its people. Britain is where the self loathing liberal elite will blame themselves for your actions and ensure you will continue to be coddled by the state for life at the expense of its people. Britain is where you can hit the jackpot for being nothing more than a parasitic ne’er do good. Congratulations! Welcome to our land of craven appeasement and moral inversion where, like Binyam Mohamed, all you need to get on is malice aforethought and a violent intent.


  1. Many thanks for your kind link to my musings.

  2. I don't want to compromise your mental autonomy,:-), but I do think we're on the same wave-length