21 November 2010


When watching the so-called documentaries broadcast by the so-called British so-called Broadcasting so-called Corporation, it occurs to so-called me that these so-called documentary so-called makers are seeking to imprint their so-called vision on a so-called population that has had all concept of so-called truth erased from its so-called consciousness by a so-called education run by so-called people very much like themselves.

Oh, and also to fill their so-called pockets with the so-called money extorted from the so-called population by commissioning these so-called programmes from their own so-called production so-called companies.

I'm not sure which is worse: their assault on objective truth, their perversion of language or the fact that they are running a racket at the expense of the common people while smugly posing as their champions.


  1. I have not seen the BBC 'fictional' presentation of the British Military bullying and drunk while at play in the fields of Aghanistan, but as some military comments have it, this bespeaks an "agenda", not just a 'regard for the truth.'

    One can hope that this program may prove to be an epiphany of understanding for the many who were not aware of or concerned about such an 'agenda.'

  2. I also gave it a miss. There is never any question how the Bitchy Boys will portray the military - they're stuck in a 60s time-warp and in the absence of any collective courage in Britain they will continue to follow the orders of their erstwhile masters in the Kremlin until they die. They're the Energizer bunnies of marxism, going on and on and on and . . .