29 November 2010

Ambrose Bierce on climate catastrophism

In his immortal Devil's Dictionary, Bierce defined a ghost as "The outward and visible sign of an inward fear".

There is no point in continuing to belabour the eek!-o-freaks for their desperate clinging to discredited - sound of trumpets - SCIENCE. The whole debate long ago moved completely away from anything as mundane as verifiable facts. They continue to believe, passionately, because life would be intolerable for them if they did not.

To persist in pointing out that the bogeyman is the product of irrational fear, deliberately ramped up by pseudo-academics and by cynical political and business vested interests, is a waste of time. The scam will continue to run for as long as the frightened lowmids invest it with all their fears of national and social demotion.   

As we can see in the person of the truly ridiculous Chris Huhne, it appears to be the flag that the lowmids have nailed to the mast of their sinking ship. Damned if I know what can be done to strip the crowd cover from the scamsters. 

I was once married to a beautiful and talented woman who was almost disabled by fear. I kept thinking that if I could help her to see that her fears were irrational, she would blossom. But as each bogeyman was exposed to the light, she simply created a new one in the darkness.

Insecure people are a bottomless pit: you can shovel reassurance into them forever, and never fill the void.

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