20 November 2010

Gove's da man - innit?

The Telegraph reports Education Secretary Gove's plan to re-introduce penalties for pupils displaying poor spelling, punctuation and grammar in exams, dropped by the Labour pukes. Other proposals:
  • A move away from bite-sized "modular" courses in some subjects in favour of tests at the end of two years of A-level study, and allowing universities to script A-level exams and syllabuses to ensure sixth-form courses act as a better preparation for a degree.
  • An "English Baccalaureate" that rewards pupils for gaining five good GCSEs in English, maths, science, foreign languages and a humanities subject [can general adoption of the International Baccalaureate be far behind?] and a ban on schools using vocational courses as "equivalent" qualifications to boost their ranking in GCSE league tables.
  • A review of the National Curriculum to outline the key "bodies of knowledge" that children should master at each stage of their education, and a reading test for all six year-olds to identify those struggling after a year of school, ensuring they receive extra tuition.
If only Cameron would just stop posturing and going on about the "Big Society". The ministers who bothered to prepare for office - Gove, IDS and Pickles - are delivering real change for the better. The rest are pretty much dross - but that still beats the Labour regime, which never backed anyone who put country before party.

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