27 November 2010

Brian Micklethwait - soothscribe

Having purged my RSS of the main sources of intellectual dandruff, brushing the larger flakes into the Cūli emeritus causa permanent hall of shame, I can focus on the far more rewarding task of honouring those who enlighten the blogosphere with well-written and incisive commentary.

I should have selected Samizdata's Brian Micklethwait long ago. Today's article "They are not liberals and they are not progressives" is a good example. Indeed they are not: they are totalitarian statists and it's about time we all, systematically, stopped playing their semantic game.
Statist words will go on meaning what the statists want them to mean only if the real liberals and the real progressives allow such foolishness to continue. For the people who really do believe in liberty and in progress can now decide their own language. They can use their own preferred words amongst themselves and they can attach their own preferred words to their enemies, and when they do, there will not be a damn thing that the statists will be able to do to stop them.

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