17 November 2010

Note to lefty academics

Traditional forms of anti-Semitism continue to plague societies worldwide. We are all familiar with ongoing hostile acts such as the defacing of property, desecration of cemeteries, and even accusations of blood libel. Conspiracy theories continue to flourish, such as supposed Jewish control of the U.S. media and the world banking system, or that Jewish persons were involved in executing the September 11 attacks. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion continue to be best sellers in many, many countries, and taught to religious students as truth.

Opposition to a policy by the State of Israel morphs into anti-Semitism easily and often. We record huge increases in anti-Semitism whenever there is activity in the Middle East. This form of anti-Semitism is more difficult for many to identify – but if all Jews are held responsible for the decisions of the sovereign State of Israel, when governments call upon and intimidate their Jewish communities to condemn Israeli actions, when academics from Israel are boycotted – this is not objecting to a policy – this is anti-Semitism. -
State Department Official Hannah Rosenthal


  1. Attitudes toward 'Racism' are almost as unreasonable as 'racist' attitudes. No, I take that back, they are entirely as biased and even irrational, both in their forms of expression and in their psychological genesis.

    Quite frankly, I am prejudiced against all of the races of which I have any experience, including those from which my own genetic line descends. In fact, to put it baldly, I am prejudiced against the human race. I find that irrational tribal attitudes and fears and aggressions against the perceived 'other' are common to all human ethnic groups.

    I am unsure whether this insight and contempt for both a select variety of Jews, Irish,Scots, English, Muslims etc., condemns me to some dank
    corner of non-PC androidness or whether it is simply sheer common sense not to like the various people who don't like you.

    The Jews are not really a race, nor do they fall into one class; nor are they all super-intelligent despite their own prejudice in this regard. I claim the right, having married, seriatim, two Jewish women, to dislike heartily the sorts of Jews whom many other Jews dislike, and also to claim the privilege, as a totally committed liberal Christian Humanist, to dislike
    all those whom I consider brutal and aggressive clots rather than actually 'human'.

    They come from everywhere and I avoid them if I can, particularly on the public transport system in the UK. It is not always possible.
    Those atheistic socialists who believe in loving everyone, especially those whom they consider well beneath them, can always take, for all I care a flying f***k at the moon.

  2. Socialists are mediocrities motivated by hatred of their physical and mental superiors. Their professed love for oppressed humanity is simply they way they conceal - primarily from themselves - that they are driven by envy and spite. On return from the moon, as far as I am concerned, they should all f***k themselves - although that may be the way they procreate.