4 November 2010

"What the Green Movement Got Wrong"

Channel 4's programme featured two seemingly repentant eco-fascists who admit they got everything else wrong, and have done an immense amount of harm and helped cause the unnecessary deaths of thousands - but they're right about climate catastrophism!

Mark Lynas, whose sole claim to fame is to have hit Bjørn Lomborg with a pie, wasn't even convincingly repentant - he still seems to think it was all a bit of a laugh.

Seventy-two year old Stewart Brand posed as a sadder but wiser elder statesman.

If they had any decency they would hang themselves. But I suppose that if they'd ever had any decency, they would never have become eco-fascists.

Couldn't watch the discussion that followed. The whole thing was a set-up - yes, they say, we were wrong about DDT, wrong about GM, wrong about nuclear power, wrong about population growth, wrong about global cooling . . .

. . . but we're right about today's big money-spinner. Let's please, please, please keep that going, because we are doing very well out of it indeed.

P.S. Soothscribe Matt Ridley pans the show, quoting the choicest bits from from James Delingpole's similar, and has this to say about the discussion that followed:
During the debate programme that came afterwards, [arsehole emeritus] Monbiot was allowed to get away with outrageous nonsense that the alarmists are being outspent by the sinister right-wing sceptic conspiracy with its `hundreds of millions of dollars'. He was sitting next to representatives of Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace. The latter alone spends $2.2 billion in ten years!!! Then there is the United Nations, lots of governments, most universities, most big corporations, the Grantham Institute, scores of pressure groups, the BBC, the Guardian, etc etc etc. The alarm industry is far, far better funded than the sceptics.

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