16 November 2010

EU - better off out

Courtesy of Open Europe, here are just a few of the projects on which the Euro drones have lavished our money recently. Last night's Channel 4 programme Riding Europe's Gravy Train barely scratched the surface, but at least it made it crystal clear why the entire political class is so very, very much in favour of the EU.
  • €411,000 for a dog fitness and rehabilitation centre that was never built. 
  • €16,000 to Tyrolean farmers to boost "their emotional connection with the landscape".
  • €7.5m of EU funding for a PR campaign for - EU funding. 
  • €5.1m "culture club" for EU bureaucrats in Luxembourg.
  • €340,000 for a cross-border witch-hunting bike trail.
  • A €238 postcard for every MEP.
It's government by the bureaucrats, of the bureaucrats and above all FOR the bureaucrats, and the MEPs are simply bought-and-paid-for crowd cover. Useless shits.

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