27 November 2010

Cameron's latest jolly super statist wheeze

A couple off days ago the Press Association reported that Cameron was to announce that "wellbeing" is to be measured for the Government from next April so that ministers can help the British people attain "the good life".

Dear God, I thought, how many questions is it possible to beg in a single sentence? Cameron added to them:
Prosperity alone cannot deliver happiness and the coalition must promote quality of life as well as economic growth. To those who say that all this sounds like a distraction from the serious business of government, I say finding out what will really improve lives and acting on it is the serious business of government.
Let's deconstruct the proposal: further, massive, intrusion by the state into private lives, and pressure to force people into the straight-jacket of what the parasites - bureaucrats, politicians and their special advisers - define as "the good life".

Given that envy is the defining feature of British society, that can only mean levelling down. Which explains why the Coalition has not revoked the Labour regime's Equality Act.

Could someone please tell me in what way this differs from the programme of the Labour party?


  1. Well, yeah, but maybe they will find out the obvious fact that 'Equality' suits no one and makes no one happy! Doesn't 'Quality' of life sound a lot better to you than 'E-quality.......
    which strikes me as a promissory note on the infinitely receding future horizon of the happy socialist state.

  2. Oh but it does suit some people, very much: the theorists and administrators of all extensions of state power, for our own good of course. The boy wonder is a presumptuous little twit.