29 November 2010

Matt Frei - pretentious bore of the week

Of course he's one of the Bitchy Boy faces and by definition an arsehole, but I would have expected Frei to make a better job of Berlin. His attempts to imitate Alastair Cooke from America have been laughable, of course, but dammit - he was born and spent his first ten years in Germany. If he was going to be interesting on any subject, it should have been on his heimat.

But no - disconnected visuals barely linked by superficial commentary with portentous background music. WTF did he think he was doing on top of the Brandenburg Gate? From Frederick the Great to Hitler, the only link material was on Marx, Liebnecht and Luxembourg and some socially "meaningful" art.

Hello? Heard of Bismarck? Unification of Germany?

What a waste of time, money - and of an opportunity to inform, educate and entertain.

1 comment:

  1. There was a manic energy to this show which carried it along. The second programme was better and dealt with the subjects the blogger claims were ignored.