26 November 2010


Since many of the po-faced MSM commentators must have experienced the last wave of student demos when they had waists and hair, I wonder that none has dared mention the main attraction, namely that the girls get all aroused and the boys get to fuck them.

Forty years ago a bunch of Cambridge students, wound up by Gottfried, brother of the German Rote Armee Fraktion terrorist Gudrun Ensslin, attacked the Garden House Hotel because it was staging a Greek Week. The youths wanted to register their disapproval of the military junta then ruling Greece, got into it with the cops, and seven of them were successfully prosecuted and sent to prison or borstal.

A somewhat roseate account of it appears in Cam (page 22 of pdf), the Cambridge mag. A shorter version in the dependably chicken-shit Independent identifies Gottfried Ensslin only as "a West German student".

What is perfectly clear from the full article is that some, maybe most of those involved had no previous experience of demo-excitement and just got carried away by the moment.

There was, as I recall, great satisfaction among the citizens of Cambridge that "the gown" was at last being treated the same way as "the town" would have been. The stunted careers of the individuals involved does a lot to explain why political activism in Cambridge took a forty-year sabbatical.

In 1968, when asked to express solidarity with rioting students, the communist Italian film-maker Pier Paolo Pasolini replied that in any conflict between the children of the working class - the police - and the children of the bourgeoisie, he was unreservedly on the side of the children of the working class.


  1. Interesting that after the '68 student rioting in Paris, led by 'Danny le Rouge' and other imported leftist provocateurs, the French 'bought back' a number of the student 'leaders' by pointing out to them the advantage of getting their cards punched for future employment as fonctionnaires rather than being condemned to a career as middle-school teachers.
    Michel Foucault enjoyed the rioting from a rooftop view, dressed in his velvet suit.His ticket to the top was already punched.

    I spent six weeks in Chicago in the winter of '68, enjoying the lectures of Saul Alinsky, Obama's mentor and a profoundly sensible man. That was before the summer 'police riot' was provoked by Abby Hoffman and his merry pranksters who threatened to pour LSD into the city water supply. Hoffman subsequently became an affluent stock broker.

    The left-yearning professariat who are now supporting the student demands for free tuition
    are just another instance of the easy riders who tailgate all the identity politics of their era. Their epitaph I take from ee cummings' brief poem:

    IN (all those who spent their time jumping on and off bandwagons)MEMORIAM

  2. Didn't know Hoffman reverted to Jewish type. He was a manic-depressive, wasn't he? Topped himself after screwing around with his meds?

  3. Alinsky a "profoundly sensible man"? He was a chameleon, but the reptile underneath the shifting colours was an unregenerate old school Marxist Leninist. Unless, of course, the excerpts from his writings at http://www.crossroad.to/Quotes/communism/alinsky.htm are fabrications.