23 November 2010

Entitled to his opinion

No, that is not a picture of a convicted child-molester. It is the Bishop of Willesden, self-styled republican Philip Broadbent (sic).

He hath delivered himself of the opinion, to which he is entitled quoth Lambeth Palace, residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, that the Royal Family is a waste of money and that the marriage of William and Kate will not last seven years, among other charitable sentiments.

Broadbent is a member of the Labour party, for which he was formerly an Islington Councillor and Chair of its Development and Planning Committee.

But he is also a considerable shaker and mover within the fast-dissolving Anglican church, whose head is the Queen, to whom he and all Anglican clergy swear an oath of loyalty.

Let's see now: Bereft of Christian charity - check. Forsworn hypocrite - check. Uncertain sexuality but full-time wanker - check. Bitchy little shit - check.

Of course he's a member (sic) of the Labour party! What else could he be?


  1. He looks like a Gestapo interrogator after a few Baby-shams.

  2. It's that good-humoured Yorkshire butcher-boy face that you often spot on Wanted posters or in your dreams of psychopathic horror. In fact, it somewhat reminds me of an Archbishop, not this one. But I think Shaun has got it about right.