9 November 2010

Appalling Strangeness - quote for today

Today's post by Appalling Strangeness has the following labels: Blair, Brown, Bush, Self-Serving Bullshit, War on, Worthless Cunts, which suffices for an introduction to the following:
Brown's forthcoming book won't be about the Iraq War - he's not fighting the tag of "warmonger". Rather, he's trying to avoid the caption next to his picture in any history book reading "incompetent cunt". He's going to be banging on about how the recession wasn't his fault, but any signs of recovery (however slim) were entirely down to him. His book gives every indication of being a wretched last gasp of a desperate man who has not quite come to terms with the fact that he utterly fucked up in the job he fought for across his adult life.

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