3 November 2010

John Simpson - one last time

I know I said that I'd stop commenting on the crap produced by the cūli emeriti, but this one is choice. The Guardian reports the following from Field Marshal Simpson.
The government has staged an unprecedented attack against the BBC. The rules were thrown into the rubbish bin, and Mark Thompson was forced to agree to a deal which puts the BBC's future as an independent public service broadcaster into serious question. Our income will shrink year on year for seven long years, by amounts that are unknown because we can't tell how high inflation will be over that period of time.

It'll be like waterboarding
. As our head is pulled out of the bath, we'll be so desperate that we can't be certain what compromises and deals we might be tempted to make. We will be at the government's mercy. The BBC won't die; it'll just cease to be the envy of the world [yeah, like the NHS]. That's an outcome which only the far-right ideologues and the Murdoch empire will welcome.
Waterboarding, eh? Should volunteers be required to administer it, count on me. After all, it's only FAIR - they've been doing it to the rest of us for many decades.


  1. When my wife and I retired from active teaching in America and removed to north Oxford, we hired a tax-consultant. He was a large man with the nose and body of a giant ant-eater. I had retired on a salary of £40,000 and considered myself amazingly well-off compared with my father's clergyman salary and that of my other teaching kinfolk in America.

    My wife asked the Giant Anteater, "Aren't we rather well-to-do for England" and he gazed at us in what must have been a well-supressed combination of pity and contempt. "Ummmhh," is
    what I remember of his answer. Then there's poor Jonathan Ross having to scale down from £180k/yr for talking crap to fellow upscalees. Tra la.

  2. More like £180k a week. Confucius he say "Remember the three Fs - Fixed income Folk get Fucked"