27 November 2010

Sprouts of grass-roots activism

Very interesting development in the East Riding of Yorkshire. A campaign led by TPA's Andrew Allison has led to the removal from the party's list of approved candidates of ten Tory councillors, including the leader, deputy leader, group secretary and chief whip.

Their offence? They made a "discretionary payment" of £364,205 to enhance the pension pot of Sue Lockwood, the Corporate Resources Director, who wanted to take early retirement. In doing so, they ignored clearly - indeed loudly - expressed popular outrage at the blatant cronyism.
[They]are allowed to appeal against this decision. They have 28 days, although I think it is unlikely any appeals will be successful. They have crossed the line. I haven't met anyone - apart from them - who think the discretionary payment was justified. People power has won. Those who have tried to defend the indefensible have found themselves out in the cold.
Now that's the "Big Society" at work. How d'you like it, Cameron?

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  1. Do you think she screwed them all on camera, one by one and two by two, or does she just have a little book full of notes on how they have been screwing the local taxpayers?