3 November 2010

More quango-crap

Three days ago, Information Commissioner Christopher Graham declared that Google's furtive collection of personal data with its "Street View" cars was not in breach of the Data Protection Act.

Then the Canadian data agency found that there was.

So, today, Graham announced that there was a "significant breach" of the Data Protection Act after all, but Google will not face a fine or any punishment. Instead his office will audit Google's data protection practices. Although it lacks the personnel and the technical capability.

Anywhere else on earth the prick would be sacked. Better would be to abolish the ICO and bring over a team from Canada - at least they have no difficulty identifying the screamingly obvious.

I must try to keep track of Commissioner Graham's career once he leaves the ICO. Are quangistas even subject to the elastic Civil Service conflict of interest rules (see para 4.3: Appendix A)?