30 October 2010

Ted Heath revivivus

When I started writing this web log, it was to keep track of the daily observations that would otherwise be forgotten or misremembered. One of my earliest posts (21 February 2010) was "The Price of Cowardice", followed on the 28th by "Let's Skip the Heath Interlude", and on 26 March I posted "The Stupid Party".

I am not at all happy that Cameron has fully lived down to my expectations. I prayed, nay ached for the Coalition government to transcend the evident moral weakness of the prime minister, but in my heart I knew it was a vain hope. Above all, he has not had the wit to avoid repeating the most catastrophic mistake he made as leader of the opposition, when he talked the talk about the Lisbon Treaty and then conspicuously failed to walk the walk. Now he's done it again. As Simon Heffer writes in the Telegraph:
It is not just that he reminds us more of Ted Heath every day. It is that he is a natural appeaser, a man born to take the line of least resistance. He is also in bed with serious leftists and federalists posing as Liberal Democrats, whose enthusiasm for the European project, and indeed for the disastrous notion of a single currency, remains undimmed. And it is part of Dave’s own project to realign his party on the centre-left, which means, in the end, he will always do what he is told by Brussels.
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle has an apposite photo-montage of Cameron as Neville Chamberlain. Worth bearing in mind that it was not Chamberlain's selling out of Czechoslovakia that has rightly condemned him in the judgment of history - it was his attempt to portray it as an act of statesmanship .

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