28 October 2010

Remember when they called it the "Torygraph"?

There is no "right wing" in this country. Indeed, if one can take the struggling dead tree media as a guide, there is no "right" at all. A vignette: reporting on yesterday's Prime Minster's question time in the Commons, the Telegraph commented on Miliband's so far faltering attempts to pin down Cameron:
[Cameron] then hit the ball very hard back at Miliband, asking him whether it was fair for their constituents to work hard “to give benefits so people can live in homes” costing £30,000, £40,000, £50,000 a year, of which those constituents “couldn’t even dream”. 

Never mind, for the moment, that Mr Cameron also has homes of which the constituents could not even dream.
WTF has that got to do with it? Were Cameron's homes paid for out of taxation? It is not the stridency of the envious lefties that has made this country such a hopeless place, it is the snivelling cowardice of the rest.

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