30 October 2010

The thirteenth Mr Cohen

Profoundly historically ignorant comments by Nick Cohen in Standpoint. More than bit strong from one who is the product of a race-based, patriarchal culture reaching back to Pharoah Akhnaton's priest Moses.
Britain, the only country in Europe with an electorate that would tolerate a return of the old ruling class to power . . . I know the dangers of falling for the allure of aristocratic style. Its superficially attractive manner hides many injustices and hypocrisies. But it is a sign of how we are conditioned by the national culture that although I have tried to dislike the coalition, and will doubtless try harder, I cannot wholly despise it.
The old ruling class may not have been destroyed, but it is far from loved . . . Our rulers know it. David Cameron, a descendant of William IV, calls himself Dave.
Well, let's see how that last bit might run if one were not conditioned by the national culture:
The Jews may not have been destroyed, but they are far from loved . . . Our elitist leftists know it. Nicholas Cohen, the grandson of Russian Jews who found sanctuary in this country when it was run by that old ruling class, calls himself Nick. 
There are many reasons to dislike Cameron, but the circumstances of his birth are not one of them - unless, of course, you are a chippy little arsehole unable to transcend a communist upbringing.

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