27 October 2010

Prosperity, corruption and freedom

The 2010 Legatum Prosperity Index site is well worth bookmarking.

Compare and contrast with the likewise bookmarkable Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International and the Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom.

The top five on the prosperity list: Norway, Denmark, Finland, Australia, New Zealand
UK is 13th
The five with lowest perceived corruption: Denmark, New Zealand, Singapore, Finland, Sweden
UK is 20th
The five with greatest economic freedom: Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland
UK is 11th

Well, it's obvious why Britain had nothing to learn from New Zealand's rolling back of the state, isn't it? It has been extremely successful, and the morbidly obese British body politic can only handle degrees of failure.

Ireland is an interesting anomaly. I'm not going to argue with the Heritage criteria on economic freedom, but 11th in the Prosperity index and 14th in Corruption does not even come close to matching what I have read about the current situation in the Emerald Isle, still less what I hear from people living there.

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