17 October 2010

Harmit Athwa - a late entry, definitely a contender

"The racism that kills" he writes about the death of an Angolan illegal immigrant
forced to return to Angola on a flight from London's Heathrow, [which] comes as no surprise to anyone who knows about the asylum system in Britain. Thirty-eight people have died in asylum- and immigration-related deaths in the last 18 months across Europe.
How can the asylum system in Britain be responsible for thirty-eight deaths across Europe? Were they all Africans? If so, why is it only Africans who require forcible deportation? If not, where's the racism?
Countless others, I would argue, have lost their lives as a result of Britain's brutal asylum laws, which make it so hard to get here, almost impossible to qualify for asylum, and now puts a premium on speeding up deportations. Many people die using clandestine, dangerous methods of entry, many die by their own hand as asylum claims are refused, many die because they are refused medical care or left destitute on our streets – where many again die because they are prey to racist attack.
Proof? Numbers? Names? Thousands of illegal immigrants claiming to be "asylum seekers" are being granted residency because Britain's "brutal laws" permit only a tiny fraction to be deported.

It would appear that this trainee race hustler thinks there should be no immigration controls whatsoever: come one, come all, regardless of health, education and employability, with immediate right to import their families and to claim all the benefits and privileges of citizens.


  1. If only he were right about the asylum laws in the UK, then perhaps we would get fewer applications.
    The reason they come to the UK is because it is a famous (or infamous) soft-touch.
    I don't think that Heathrow Airport is very hard to get to by the way, unless you're driving from Central London.

  2. You are obviously a heartless person who cannot see what permanent damage is done to one of these poor unfortunates when they are safely fed and housed for a few weeks in a brutal detention center where they are forced to spend their hours playing table tennis and watching TV. No wonder crowds of decent protesters crowd the fences outside brandishing their wire-cutters so that these innocents can be
    returned to the bosom of the UK taxpayer and live free off of the English benefits system for the rest of their (non-earning)lives.