16 October 2010

Rule Ruritania (part 2)

Following from Raedwald expresses, shall we say, a markedly different POV to my immediately previous "Rule Ruritania" and "Is this really the sort of country . . ." posts.

I do not dispute that the Labour pukes' immigration policy was designed to alter the demographics permanently in their favour - but its main purpose was to sustain the pensions Ponzi scheme. The money spent on the education of the children of immigrants can't be all wasted, as they begin to out-perform native kids as soon as they overcome the language barrier, not yet having learned that it is un-British to seek to improve yourself.

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.
The RAF costs £2.635bn a year, the Navy £2.185bn. Providing a bog-standard education to Blair and Brown's hordes of . . . immigrants currently costs £4.5bn a year. Migration Watch has published evidence that teaching the children of immigrants who have arrived over the past twelve years now costs £4.5bn a year, about the same as the nation's entire operating budget for the Navy and Air Force.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg; poor, ignorant, diseased and unskilled immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia and the like cost us billions more in health care costs, housing, welfare payments and policing. I'll bet the additional costs exceed that of running the entire Army - £6.5bn a year.

And all the while, their poor health, incestuous marriages, ignorance, ghettoism and primitivism distort and pull-down our national well being; they increase the level of poverty, increase genetic abnormalities in the population, increase the unemployment totals, lower national life expectancy and decrease average educational attainment. And this was Labour's corrupt and nihilistic policy, to weaken and destroy Britain.

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