30 October 2010

Mr Eugenides bows out

Won't mean much to any except libertarian blog-readers, but although I have not followed him recently I drew a great deal of solace from Mr Eugenides over the past few years and I'm sorry he's burned out.
The last administration filled me with disgust; the mere sight on my telly of a Charles Clarke, a John Reid, a - God forgive me for even typing the words! - Patricia Hewitt, sent me flying into almost uncontrollable loathing. And without fury, without rage, without spite, this blog is nothing, really - or at least, not what it was - because the way it's written, it is set up for polemic, not placid discussion.

In as far as I owe you anything, it is, I would say, not to confect outrage over things which don't really upset me, not to try and find hate where none exists. I'm in a more placid place, and I think that the country's got at least a fair chance of becoming a better place with that horrendous shower out in the cold; and that's as good a place as any to leave it.
Fair enough. All I would say is that the last administration managed our expectations down to such a nadir that we now barely comment on things that would have produced rage five years ago.

It is ALWAYS a mistake to think that things cannot get worse, and I very much fear the present lot will fumble away their chances and let the shit-heads back in with their reserves of envy and nation-killing spite restored.

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