23 October 2010

Sólo en Inglaterra

The Mail reports the case of 46 year-old Nizar Ahmed, judged by the General Teaching Council to be incapable of ever improving his work, who has become the first teacher to be banned for life due to incompetence.

Ahmed was head of business studies at the John O'Gaunt Community Technology College in Hungerford, Berkshire, from September 2007 to January 2009, when the governors of the school agreed to consider him for a "formal capability process". The process involves setting teachers targets for improvement, but Ahmed resigned.

Despite what would appear to be a tacit admission that he was irredeemable, Ahmed will appeal the decision. "They have made a scapegoat out of me", he said. "I'm deeply unhappy about it and don't deserve to be the first to be struck off for life."

The head of the school said "you can't have pupils disadvantaged by inadequate teaching. They only have one chance at this."

Unlike Nizar Ahmed, who appears to have had an almost unlimited number of chances.

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