28 October 2010

'Liberal' neurological condition discovered by scientists

Researchers have discovered that people of left-wing views are born with a connection between their optic nerve and their anal sphincter, and that if they attend Harvard or Berkeley the connection will become hyper-activate and will dominate the rest of their lives.

Well, that isn't quite what the latest imbecility to be printed by the Telegraph says. What they printed was even funnier. It seems some lefty nerds at the above institutions have come up with a genetic explanation for why lefties are the way they are. It seems those possessed of the DRD4 gene seek out people and lifestyles different to the ones they are used to. This, say the nerds, leads them to have more liberal political opinions.

Really? In my experience - in five countries, and across a variety of ethnic groups and social classes - lefties are generally lowmid whites who clump together and are extremely hostile to anyone with a different point of view.

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