30 October 2010

The child protection racket

I had to gulp back vomit as I read Christopher Booker's latest exposé of the disgustingly corrupt cancer of statist child abuse that has metastasized from the 1989 Children's Act. It is structured so that social workers who make a personal profit from it enjoy total immunity no matter how gross their abuses of the most basic human rights of their victims. And to cap it all:
The system is hidden behind an almost impenetrable veil of secrecy. The nominal reason for this is to protect the identity and interests of the children, but secrecy has been so extended that its real aim is to protect the system itself and all those who do so well out of it. Parents are forbidden to talk to the media or even to their MPs about the injustice they are suffering. Several times in recent months, councils have sought injunctions to prohibit me reporting anything at all about a case, even though no person or even the council itself would be identified. More than once, parents have been threatened with contempt of court and prison if they talk to me or anyone else about how they are being treated.
It is totalitarian in intent, in practice and in effect. It is a stench in the nostrils of civilization and a total disgrace to the British state and the society that consents to it by looking the other way. 

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