22 October 2010

Prince Harry mockumentary

I wish I had written David Bowden's acute article "The masturbatory world of the mockumentary". I'm wondering if there is not some way of setting up a perma-link to Spiked, as it is firing on all twelve cylinders right now and highlights the intellectual poverty of the MSM commentariat. Some highlights:
‘Mockumentary’ because, of course, none of these events have happened nor are particularly likely to, but by making it look like a documentary makes it a more effective masturbatory aid for Channel 4-loving liberals. . . . Far from being a sober interrogation of the issues that weighted up the merits of either side, we got a medieval morality play - with the comforting liberal message that people are essentially savages who need a strong and enlightened elite to protect them - played out in modern dress. . . .Yet the argument that it is ‘irresponsible’ to have made this film on the basis it might inspire real-life enactments and jeopardise the lives of British troops in the middle of fighting a war seem equally absurd. It is as if the Taliban sit around all day watching the backwards, anti-Enlightenment and medieval Channel 4.

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