17 October 2010

Christopher Booker - soothscribe laureate

Don't know why it has taken me so long to honour this great exception to the Brit journopuke rule. Maybe I thought he was on the list already, because he deserved to be there from Day 1.

He is a genuinely angry man, and cold fury illuminates his tightly-written articles. Yesterday I commented on his lonely campaign to highlight the stomach-turning abuse of their totalitarian powers by child protection officials.

Today I applaud this article, on the farce that is the EU renewable energy target and the ruinous cost of trying to implement it. The staggering thing about it is that nobody in the British state apparat denies the truth of his figures, because they cannot.

And it's all based on the discredited global warming panic, which even its most wild-eyed devotees no longer dare to call by that name.

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