30 October 2010

SDSR - the other shoe drops

The Financial Times (£) reports:
David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy will next week sign a formal defence treaty between Britain and France that ensures a new drive for military co-operation between the two nations cannot be reversed by their successors. As the two leaders prepare for the most important declaration of Franco-British defence co-operation in more than a decade, a deal to co-ordinate deployments of the countries’ aircraft carriers and ground troops looks set to be the centrepiece of their summit in London.
No surprise to anyone who has followed EU Referendum, where Richard North posted a well-earned "You read it here first" yesterday. It is safe to say the carriers will now be equipped with Rafales.

Since it is now confirmed that this was the reason for the absurd decision to go ahead with the carriers while not funding the air groups without which they are useless, why the hell incur the political costs of presenting it back-to-front? I can only assume that, as usual, Brit negotiators were out-maneouvred by their French peers.

Can't blame the Frogs wanting to see the Brit blow up their bridges before committing to a treaty. There is more historical truth behind the sobriquet perfide Albion than Brits like to admit - although I think it more a product of chronic indecisiveness than deliberate deception. 

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