16 October 2010

Is this really the kind of country we want to live in?

Thus the last sentence of a Guardian article by Ian Birrell, the father of a child with profound learning difficulties, detailing what he calls a "whirlwind of hatred against the disabled".
For three days a gang of 18-year-olds tortured a younger autistic boy. They kicked him, stamped on his head, scraped his skin with sandpaper, pelted him with dog shit, forced him to drink alcohol until he passed out and stuck tape to his genitals. The thugs laughed as they filmed themselves abusing their terrified victim, who can be heard whimpering for mercy. . . And why did they carry out these vile assaults? Simply because they were bored, they told a court this week. . . . The three assailants were given just 80 hours' unpaid community work and a three-month curfew. No signing of the sex offenders register, despite the sexual overtones to the attack. No jail sentence. No justice.
If only it were hatred. That, our police and courts are fully geared up to deal with - Birrell says that over the past year there have been 11,264 prosecutions for "racial and religious crime". But it's not. It is simply primitive cruelty, perpetrated by feral youths who have no fear of the law or respect for the most basic concepts of human decency. We did not import this garbage - it's entirely made in Britain.

My observations are necessarily anecdotal, limited as they are to what I saw on the streets of Cambridge, and see now in a quiet provincial market town, on public transport and on occasional visits to London. But in the eleven years I have been back in this country, the only repugnant - when not also menacing - behaviour I have observed has been by young white people, including parents with small children.

No sane person would want to live in a country where such behaviour goes unchecked. But that simply begs the far bigger questions of what - if anything - can be done to instill respect for others in a society where the cultural elite sneers at decency and exalts "transgressive" exhibitionism.  

Labour's solution was to flood the country with "new blood", believing that the white "underclass" is some kind of unsalvageable genetic cesspool. Fabian socialism and eugenics are inextricably interwoven, but it has been profoundly shocking to see its principles applied in a country that once fought to the death against racialism.   

The utter bankruptcy of the policy is daily being proved as the same pathology is revealed in descendants of people who came to Britain seeking a better life. It's not in their genes - it's in our culture.

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