20 October 2010

Brendan O'Neill - soothscribe yet again

"Five BS arguments that should be cut" he writes on Spiked. They are:
  1. This is the return of the evil Tories - the Lib-Cons are carrying on Labour’s work.
  2. The public will rise upthe most striking thing about the cuts debate is the extent to which it is taking place on an entirely elite plane.
  3. The age of austerity begins todayit was largely the liberal sections of the elite who over the past ten years laid the intellectual foundation stones for contemporary austerity.
  4. The Lib-Cons are taking hard decisionsthe most revealing thing about the Lib-Cons’ cuts agenda is how short-termist and politically defensive it is.
  5. Cutting is the only game in town the focus on cutting alone amongst both the Lib-Cons and their critics speaks to today’s severe poverty of thinking on economic matters.

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