14 October 2010

Roll of Honour (Part 2)

Missed this. With reference to the EU budget, an amendment by Bill Cash, Conservative MP for Stone, was unanimously approved. It reads:
That this House takes note of European Union Document No. SEC(2010) 473, Statement of Estimates of the European Commission for the financial year 2011; and supports the Government's efforts to maintain the 2011 EU budget at the cash levels equivalent to the 2010 budget, while ensuring better value for money in EU expenditure; and calls on the Government to reject European Parliament proposals to increase the budget.
The reason I missed it is because Cash is Jesuit-trained, really knows his onions on this subject (he proposed over 100 wide-ranging amendments to the Lisbon Treaty), and has laid down a marker whose long-term significance may be far more effective than the rejected Carswell amendment's act of defiance.

What he has done, conservativehome tells me, is to re-assert the sovereignty of Parliament - which is to say that the judiciary must be obliged to override European legislation when Parliament passes legislation to that effect. He has also wished to strengthen the government's hand to gain the 91 votes in the EU Council of Ministers to form a blocking minority and force the Commission to withdraw the Budget and produce a new one.

Over my head a bit, I confess. But that's the sort of reporting the MSM should be producing, and so abjectly fails to do. Blog on, baby.    

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