12 October 2010

EU - vee haff vays of making you conform

"Commission preparing pan-European smoking ban" reports EUobserver.
While partial or total smoking bans have been introduced in many European countries ending patrons' ability to smoke in bars, cafes and other public venues, it is still relatively easy in some states to find a bolt-hole where smokers are welcome, whether due to exceptions to such laws or owners flouting the bans. Health commissioner John Dalli has said he wants to put a stop to this. "We need a complete ban on smoking in all public spaces, transport and the workplace," he said in an interview on Monday with German daily Die Welt.
The commission will furthermore try to win agreement on rules making tobacco products no longer visible to customers and make packaging as unattractive as possible. The packets are to be made identical in appearance and to bear colourful warning pictures, such as of diseased lungs, as well as more information on the toxins the product contains. "The more uniform and bland packaging the cigarettes are, the better," said the commissioner.
I gave up smoking eleven years ago, but these mother-fuckers are making it a moral imperative to start again.

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