26 March 2010

The stupid party

The Tories seem likely to disprove the old adage about government parties losing power rather than opposition parties winning them. Gerald Warner has a scathing take on the subject in the Telegraph, with I believe will be borne out by events.

'Most Tories hate David Cameron and cannot wait to see him crash and burn'. Really? Who chose him, then? And before him Howard, the most hated hold-over from the Major administration, and before him the laughable Duncan-Smith.

But Cameron & Co. have built on the legacy of their immediate predecessors to achieve the seemingly impossible: they have discouraged their core voters while failing to convince swing voters that they are a better option than an administration that everyone sentient knows to be corrupt, deceitful and incompetent, and which has brought Britain deserved international contempt. 

They had a chance to choose a man in David Davies; they went instead with a glib, gilded toy-boy. Fuck 'em. 

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