15 March 2010

The poverty of our political class

This wicked photograph of the hapless Baroness Ashton accompanied a story in today's Daily Mail about the psycho Cyclops berating her for her poor performance as the new EU Foreign Minister, saying she had 'let Britain down'.

Well no. She has certainly exposed the shortage of talent in the Brown regime, but it is definitely in the British interest that the foreign policy pretensions of the abortion created by the Lisbon Treaty should be thwarted. Appointing someone with little political experience and less charisma seemed to me a Machiavellian coup at the time.

The key question, though, is why these Labour women are all such mingers? The men are not much cop either (think Robin Cook, Charles Clark, etc.). Is there perhaps a genetic link between being, umm, plain and and the 'equality' agenda?

The leftist have negated native intelligence through 'progressive' education, so perhaps we can look forward to the mandated use of the burqa to negate 'lookism'.

That would still leave them with the intractable problem of character, but I'm sure they will come up with something.

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