12 March 2010

How contemptible the British police have become

The owner of a restaurant arrested for defending his premises and clients from a gang of young thugs, who are not even admonished. Yeah, I know it's a Daily Mail story - but so what? Does it make the story less true? Or less offensive to any normal person's sense of right and wrong?

Sussex police said Mr Miah should not have tried to apprehend the youths and should have 'observed from a safe distance' before dialling 999. The spokesman said: 'On no account should any attempt at aggression be made as this could easily escalate into violence.'

Umm, excuse me but hadn't the violence already started? And since when is self-defence aggression?

So, we must all be as shamelessly craven as our persons in black, or be arrested for possession of self-respect with intent to exercise it. What's more, from the point of view of the crime statistics, it shows up as one incident, one arrest. Job done.


  1. The usual twisted logic of the Crown Prosecutorial Service in blaming the victim for his response to the threatening aggression of others contrasts oddly with their long-noted indulgence of those who confess to multiple crimes which may then, obligingly, be expiated by serving the usual half of concurrent sentences before resuming their promising criminal careers a few years later.

  2. No doubt the police force has responded to the perverse incentives of the NuLabour regime; but the result is institutional cowardice, with ego-compensatory bullying of the law-abiding.