23 March 2010

Not all arseholes are leftist

The person who blogs under the alias of Old Holborn has decided to stand as a parliamentary candidate for an outfit called the Jury Team. He is 'asking for a Penny for the Guy to overthrow the State, put corrupt MPs on their arses and give us the opportunity to let an honest man with honest intentions enter Parliament.'

And where is he standing? In Cambridge, whose sitting MP is David Howarth, one of the few to come out of the expenses scandal smelling like a rose.

I saw Howarth at Cambridge railway station a fortnight ago. I don't do compliments often enough, but I thought he really deserved one. I told him 'I never voted for you, but if I still lived here I would definitely vote for you next time, as one of the few members of parliament who honoured his oath.'

He went pink and said it was very kind of me. It was not. It is surely incumbent upon all of us to leaven our criticism of the many with praise for the few who do their duty and shame the rest.

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