19 March 2010

Gays in Dutch army . . .

. . . responsible for Bosnian genocide

Thus the report in the Mail on a statement made by retired General Sheehan to the US Congress. It's not quite what he said, but what a headline!

Tsk, tsk. As a military man, he really should know that the Spartans believed that a phalanx that phux together, stays together.

Some of the most testosterone-laden men I have ever met were gay. I mean guys who would shag a rock-pile if they suspected there was a snake underneath. Whenever I hear the Lumberjack song it calls to mind being propositioned earnestly by a very large, hirsute and drunk Canadian, who fortunately passed out.

I suppose Sheehan does have a point about combat traditionally being for men what child-birth is to women - but where did he get the idea that gays are more likely to fail the test than heteros? Rather the opposite, I suspect, given what gays have to endure when they are growing up.

There are a number of attributes that one can fairly associate with male homosexuality, but lack of courage is not one of them.


  1. Holding unit-coherence in combat up to the standards of the reigning Political Correctness seems to me to be one of the most outre examples of hypocrisy presently employed by the non-military disfonctionnaires in their desire to protect the sensitive and vulnerable victims of patriarchal sadism. Don't ask/tell will protect equally well.

  2. How about 'none of your damned business'? The Dutch have fought only one war, a very brief one in 1940, in the last 180 years. To suggest that their passivity in Bosnia was because of gays in their ranks tells us more about Sheehan than it does about the Dutch.