23 March 2010

Parliamentary sleaze (Part CCCXXXVIII)

So, a crude sting operation has caught a bunch of leading Blairites offering to sell their services for money. Shock horror. Comparing their asking price with the sums pocketed by their dear departed leader recalls an anecdote featuring George Bernard Shaw. The tale is that he propositioned a society lady with an offer of £1,000 for sex. She coyly agreed, but then he asked if she would do it for £10.

'Certainly not', the lady replied. 'What do you think I am?'

'Ma'am we have already established what you are,' said GBS. 'We are now haggling about the price'.
The fact that this was a sting by the left-wingers of Channel 4 and that their targets were all opponents of Gordon Brown should have aroused mainstream media suspicions - that is, if the collective IQ of MSM political journalists ever threatened to reach 100.

Also not reported is which politicians refused the bait - presumably because early unsuccessful approaches to Conservatives led to a party-wide warning.


  1. Love that quote.

    If this was an attempt to improve things for GB, I don't see how it can succeed. My first thoughts on hearing the news were to associate sleaze with the whole labour party, not just one faction within it.

  2. The law of unforeseen consequences cuts in rather fast today, thanks to the internet, not the MSM. I see the Daily Mash is on to the 'coincidence' of who was targeted with its usual panache!