31 March 2010

Reminding the Euro-weenies who's boss

An article in today's Washington Times on the Sarkozys' visit to the USA reinforces the point made in previous posts: as a head of state should, Barry O'Bama is treating foreign leaders very much according to whether or not they serve US interests.

The last paragraph does indicate a degree of personal animus, however:
Unlike the Obamas in Paris, the Sarkozys accepted an invitation to dine in the White House, joining the first couple in the residence for a private dinner. And the two leaders, perhaps the hatchet finally buried, left the stage together, with Mr. Obama's arm draped around the shoulder of his smiling French counterpart.
A rather forced smile in response to such a naked signal of dominance, I suspect. I wonder how Michelle and Carla got along? Cleopatra's nose springs to mind.

1 comment:

  1. Neither of these guys is yet totally 'in the saddle'at home(except maybe with Carla but then ...}, so there is as yet no decision about who is the Lone Ranger and who is Tonto.

    Then there's always that story about the LR sending Tonto up a tree to see what that pack of hostiles following them is doing and asking, "What's happening, Scout?" while Tonto keeps saying, "They gettin' closer, Boss," until finally, after the last question - when the hostiles are almost upon them, Tonto answers, "Who you callin' 'Scout', mothaf*****r ?"